Document your story and experience with fatherless children through the form of comments on this page.

One Response to “Your Story”

  1. Gaby said

    I’m one of lucky gilr who was born in a christian family and been blessed by an amazing father, he is a man with not many words, but his presence & his love showed his children more than words can say. He was always there in every stage of our lives when we grow up and whenever we’re down he was always beside us and hold out hands.

    He was the reason why. I carefully choose my future husbands, I was aimed for the best, never settle for less! It took me a bit longer than my friends did, but I found a wonderful husband as the result. He has all the things that every women looking in a husband, he is romantic, thoughtful, smart, good looking and above of all, he is a man of God! He is a good husband and a perfect father to our children, they adore their father so much and I know for sure my children couldn’t ask for a better father.

    I know I’m one of few girls that lucky to have both amazing father and husband, I witnesses so many friends of mine who were struggled with their lives because of the absence of their fathers in their lives. And I was called to spread news to my friends how important a father roles in every children lives.

    Living in a muslim country, this is not a common information for our people, we need as much information as possible, that was when your statistics help me to explain this subject easier.

    Thanks a lot for your page, let’s build a better generation by raising children full with father love!

    Stay blessed!

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